1) SUMMARY: Filmmaker Hardy Jones has been dubbed “the dolphin defender” for his work helping dolphins. We pair the gripping account of how Jones rescued two desperate dolphins with a Q&A with a marine park representative
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2) SUMMARY: Take your class on an icy adventure with 13-year-old Jordan Romero as he attempts to trek up the tallest—and most treacherous—mountain in the world: Mount Everest.
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3) SUMMARY: This harrowing story of students who survived the tornado that devastated Henryville, Indiana, is paired with a beautiful poem by Irene Latham.
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4) SUMMARY: In 1925, a courageous team of mushers and their sled dogs embarked on a daring mission to save the town of Nome, Alaska, from a deadly diphtheria epidemic. We have paired this gripping article with an excerpt from Jack London’s classic dogsled novel, The Call of the Wild.
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5) SUMMARY: In this gripping survival story, two skiers are caught in a terrifying avalanche in Alaska.
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6) SUMMARY: After a devastating cheerleading accident, Gabby Taylor has become a crusader for safety in youth sports. In this riveting article, your students will read Gabby’s inspiring story, learn how cheerleading has changed over the decades, and form an opinion about the “no pain, no gain” mentality held by many young athletes today.
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